Adding Guides

Adding Guides

Flash CS3 Tutorial


How to Add GuidesĀ in Flash



Guides are used to simplify object placement on the stage. For instance, you may want to define a 50 pixel gutter at the edges of the movie with no content. The guides are added, then the content is placed within the guides.

Guides are visible in the design phase and disappear once the movie is rendered.


Step One

With a Flash document open, choose View > Rulers to display the rulers.

Step Two

Place your curser over one of the rulers and drag a guide onto the stage.

Step Three

Guides can be added from either the vertical or horizontal ruler.

Step Four

To temporarily show or hide guides, choose View > Guides > Show Guides.

Step Five

The guides can be locked or unlocked by choosing View > Guides > Lock Guides.

Step Six

Use the Selection tool (v key)to move any unlocked guides.

Step Seven

Dragging a guide back to the ruler removes the guide.

Step Eight

To remove all guides, choose View > Guides > Clear Guides.

Snapping to Guides

Enable guide snapping by selecting, Edit > Snapping > Snap to Guides.


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