Edit Symbol

Edit Symbol

Flash CS3 Tutorial


How to Edit Symbols in Flash



Once you create a symbol, it is common to edit its contents. For information on creating a symbol, see topics, Button Symbol Basics, Graphic Symbol Basics, and Movie Symbol Basics.


Step One

Open a document with a symbol on the stage.

Step Two

Using the Selection tool (v key), double-click the symbol. You can now edit the symbol. Click the Scene 1 icon to return to the main stage.

Step Three

A second way to edit a symbol is to select the symbol and choose Edit > Edit in Place (Edit Symbols or Edit Selected).

Step Four

Returning to the main stage, open the Library (Window > Library (Cmd/L (PC-Ctrl/L )).

Step Five

Double-click the symbol icon in the Library to edit the symbol using method three.

Nested Symbols

When symbols are placed within other symbols it is called nesting. You can have a movie that is nested in a button or movies within movies. Watch the Scene icon in the upper left corner of the stage to determine where you are in the nesting order.