Flash CS3 Tutorial


How to Break Object into Multiple Pieces in Flash



Exploding your objects can create visual fireworks in the animation. The base object is broken into several pieces and shot across the stage.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the workspace with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

With the rectangle selected, choose Insert > Timeline Effects > Effects > Explode.

Step Three

In the dialog box, input values for the Effect Duration and Direction of Explosion.

Step Four

Click the Update Preview button to see the changes before accepting the animation.

Step Five

You can adjust the Arc Size and Rotation of Fragments.

Step Six

The Fragment Size and Alpha can also be set.

Step Seven

Once you are satisfied, click OK. A new graphic symbol is added to the workspace.

Modifying Explode Effect

Once you have created the Explode Effect you can open and modify the effect settings by choosing Modify > Timeline Effects > Edit Effect.


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