Import Video to Flash Timeline

Import Video to Flash Timeline

Flash CS3 Tutorial


How to Import Video Footage to the Flash Timeline



This method of importing a .mov (QuickTime) file places the movie on the main timeline at a specified keyframe.


Step One

Add a new layer called video and select the first keyframe.

Step Two

Choose File > Import > Import Video.

Step Three

Click the Choose button next to the File Path: box to navigate to your movie file.

Step Four

With the file path set, click the Continue button.

Step Five

Choose Embed Video in SWF and play in timeline and click Continue.

Step Six

Use the defaults for the Embedding screen and click Continue.

Step Seven

The Encoding screen allows you to vary the compression using the Profiles and Video tabs.

Step Eight

The Crop and Resize tab allows you to crop, resize and trim your movie.

Step Nine

Click Continue, then Finish to import your movie.

Embedded Video Limitations

Using this method will increase your swf file size and works best with movies with no audio because of sync problems.