Moving Object Pivot Point

Moving Object Pivot Point

Flash CS3 Tutorial


How to Move Flash Object Scale and Rotation Pivot Point



An object's pivot point is important when scaling or rotating an object. Both operations are accomplished with the Free Transform tool or the Transform panel. For more information, see topics Rotating an Object and Scaling an Object.

Each operation centers around the object's pivot point. For instance, you may want to create a hand for a clock. The hand pivots around a point located towards the end of the hand.


Step One

Using the Pen tool (p key), draw a clock hand.

Step Two

With the object selected, activate the Free Transform tool (q key).

Step Three

The white dot is the current location of the pivot point. Click and drag the point to a new location.

Step Four

Move your curser to a corner of the object to activate the rotate mode. Drag the object around the pivot point.

Pivot vs Registration Point

The Pivot point is used with the Transform panel and the Free Transform tool.

The Registration point is created when you convert an object to a symbol. The location of the registration point is used when you scale or rotate an object using ActionScript.