3D Concepts

3D Concepts

Flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0 Tutorial


How To Add 3D Movement to Movie Symbols in Flash



The 3D feature was added to Flash in CS4. To make 3D work you must save your swf files to display in Flash Player 10. For more information, see topic in Flash CS4 section titled, Saving a swf Movie. For information on moving in 3D and 3D rotation, see topics Moving in 3D Space and Rotating in 3D Space.


Step One

Movie Symbols can be moved in a positive or negative x direction

Step Two

They can also be moved in the y direction.

Step Three

A Movie Symbol can be rotated around its 3D pivot point.

Step Four

You can alter the camera focal length to zoom in or out on an object.

Step Five

The object's Vanishing Point, or Projection Center can also be altered.

Why So Thin?

You may have noticed that objects rotated in Flash have no thickness. Often times objects are set to carousel around a single point with the object face always pointed towards the viewer to mask the fact that the objects have no depth.


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