Flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0 Tutorial


How to SetĀ Up Your Preferences to Work Smart with Flash ActionScript



There are changes you can make to the default Flash Preferences to improve your workflow.


Step One

Open the ActionScript panel (Option/F9 (PC - F9)).

Step Two

Open the ActionScript panel pull-down menu and make sure Word Wrap is selected. This makes your code "wrap" when it hits the right side of the window. By selecting Word Wrap, none of the code extends beyond the panel's right edge.

Step Three

Choose Preferences from the ActionScript pull-down menu.

Step Four

In the dialog box, increase the font size and change the font if desired. Twelve point type is easier to read.

Step Five

You can also access the ActionScript Preferences by pressing Cmd/u (PC - Ctrl/u) and choosing ActionScript from the menu.

Don't Like the Default Colors?

The ActionScript Preferences panel also includes color boxes to change the display colors for Foreground, Keywords, Identifiers, Background, Comments, and Strings.


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