Add or Delete Layer

Add or Delete Layer

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Add and Delete Flash Layers



To add or delete a layer, select the layer in the layer panel, then click the appropriate icon.


Step One

Make sure the timeline/layers panel is open by choosing Window > Timeline.

Step Two

To add a layer, click the Insert Layer icon. A new layer is added above the currently selected layer.

Step Three

To remove a layer, select a layer, then click the Delete Layer icon.

Step Four

You can also insert and delete layers by right clicking one of the layer names in the layer panel and choosing either Insert Layer or Delete Layer from the menu.

Insert Layer Shortcut

To insert a layer press Cmd/Shift/n (PC-Ctrl/Shift/n).

One Layer Minimum

Similar to Photoshop, you can't delete the final layer. There is a single layer minimum with both programs.