Adding a Second Library Panel

Adding a Second Library Panel

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Add Another Library Panel in Flash



By default you will see one Library panel in Flash. It may be helpful to display two panels at times. For instance, if you have two documents open, you may wish to open a Library panel for each file.


Step One

Open two Flash documents, both with content, at the same time.

Step Two

By clicking each document's tab, you can toggle between the files.

Step Three

Open the Library panel (Window > Library or Cmd/L (PC - Ctrl/L).

Step Four

Click the New Library icon to add a new Library panel.

Step Five

Using the Library panel pull-down menu, set the second panel to the other document.

Moving Library Assets

To move assets from one document to the other, simply drag a Library asset from one Library to the other document's stage or Library.


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