Adding Objects to the Library

Adding Objects to the Library

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Add Library Objects in Flash



Objects can be added to the library in multiple ways. Items can be imported directly to the Library using File > Import > Import to Library or Import to Stage.

Whenever you create a symbol on the stage, that symbol is also added to the Library. For more information, see topics, Button Symbols Basics, Graphic Symbol Basics, Importing to Library, Importing to Stage and Movie Symbol Basics.

In this example we will demonstrate the drag and drop method of adding an image to your file and Library.


Step One

Open a new Flash document.

Step Two

Move the Flash interface window to expose an image file on your desktop. File should be a jpg, png or psd file.

Step Three

Click and drag the image to the Flash document's stage.

Flash Imports. . .


.aif (Mac), .mp3


.bmp(PC), .gif, .jpg, .png, .psd, .tif




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