Adjusting Bones to Geometry

Adjusting Bones to Geometry

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Fine Tune the Bones Effect on Flash Object Geometry



As you add Bones to a Merge Shape object, you may want a particular Bone to affect specific points of the object's geometry. Using the Bind tool you can specify which points each Bone will move.

The Bind tool works with Drawing Objects and Merge Shapes. It has no effect on multiple Movie Symbols that are connected with a Bone structure.

In this example, we demonstrate how to add Bones to a Merge Shape object and edit the points associated with each Bone.


Step One

Open a new Flash document and draw a Merge Shape rectangle with the Rectangle tool (r key). The new object is defined with four points.

Step Two

Using the Selection tool (v key) marquee select the rectangle.

Step Three

Select the Bone tool (x key) and click and drag to create the first Bone.

Step Four

Click the end of the first Bone and click-drag to add a second Bone. Repeat the process to add Bone number three.

Step Five

Select the Bind tool (z key) and click the middle of the first Bone.

Step Six

The Bone's connection points display as yellow. Yellow square points indicate that they are only connected to one Bone. Points with yellow triangles are affected by multiple Bones.

Step Seven

Click the other bones one at a time to view the connection points for the selected Bone.

Step Eight

To disconnect a point from a Bone, Option-click (PC - Ctrl-click) the point.

Step Nine

To add a point to a Bone, Shift-click the point.

Step Ten

Publish your movie by choosing Control > Test Movie (Cmd/Return (PC-Ctrl/Enter). Try connecting and disconnecting points from a bone and note the effect as you move the geometry.

 Points Without a Connection

Stray points with no connections to any Bones, are unaffected by the Bones.

Not Enough Points?

You can always add more points to your Armature layer object with the Add Anchor Point tool.

Disconnecting All Points from a Bone

To remove connections to all points connect to a Bone, choose the Bind tool, then click drag from the center line of the Bone off to the side.

Moving your Armature Layer Object

Clicking and dragging with the Selection tool alters the Bones, but the object doesn't move across the stage.

One way to move a Bones object is to Option-drag (PC - Alt-drag) it with the Selection tool.

You can also move a Bones Merge Shape object by using the Free Transform tool, Nudge keys or change the x and y values in the Properties panel.