Aligning Objects

Aligning Objects

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Align Objects in Flash



Objects can be aligned to each other or aligned to the Stage. The toggle to Stage/Objects button is on the right side of the Alignment panel.


Step One

In this example we will align and distribute three objects to each other, then center them in the middle of the stage. Add three rectangles to the stage with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Select all three objects by choosing the Selection tool (v key) and marquee drag around all three objects.

Step Three

Open the Alignment panel (Window > Align) or click the Align tab.

Step Four

The to Stage/Objects button should be set to white. Click the Align Vertical Center button.

Step Five

Click the Space Evenly Horizontally button to space the objects.

Step Six

Choose Modify > Group (Cmd/g (PC-Ctrl/g)) to group the three rectangles.

Step Seven

Select the to Stage/Objects button so it becomes gray. Gray means to Stage and white indicates to Objects. Click the Align Vertical Center button. Then press the Align Horizontal Center button.