Applying Gradient to Multiple Objects

Applying Gradient to Multiple Objects

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Apply One Gradient to Multiple Flash Objects


A Light effects multiple objects that are close to the light source. If you placed a light by three objects, the closest object would be the brightest and the one furthest away would be darker.

To create this same illusion in Flash we need to apply one gradient to multiple objects at the same time. The objects must be Merge Shapes. For more information on Merge Shapes, see topic, Merge Shape.


Step One

Add a Merge Shape object to the stage with the Rectangle tool.

Step Two

Select the object (Selection tool) and Option-drag (PC - Alt-drag) object twice to create two more rectangles.

Step Three

With none of the rectangles selected, choose a gradient from the Fill color palette.

Step Four

Choose the Selection tool (v key) and marquee drag around the three rectangles to select them.

Step Five

Click the Paint Bucket tool (k key) and select Lock Fill from the tool options.

Step Six

Click one of the rectangles. All of the rectangles are filled with the new gradient.

Step Seven

Select one of the rectangles and choose the Gradient Transform tool (f key). You may need to zoom back to see the circle and other controls.

Step Eight

Move the center white dot to reposition the gradient. All rectangles are updated.

Building Custom Gradients

Consider using the Color panel (Window > Color) to build a custom gradient to fit your color scheme.