Break Apart Object

Break Apart Object

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Break Apart Flash Object



The most basic object in Flash is the Merge Shape. The next step up is a Drawing Object. One more step takes you to a Symbol.

Whenever you want to drop down one level you use the Break Apart command. For instance, let's say you have a Symbol that contains a Drawing Object. If you break it apart once you have the Drawing Object. Applying the break apart command a second time converts it to a Merge Shape. For more information see topics, Merge Shape and Drawing Object.


Step One

Select the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Click the Object Drawing icon (j key). It has two states, medium-gray and off-white. It should be in the medium-gray state.

Step Three

Add a rectangular object to the workspace. You now have a Drawing Object.

Step Four

To convert your Drawing Object to a Merge Shape choose Modify > Break Apart (Cmd/b (PC-Ctrl/b).

Breaking Apart Text

Applying the Break Apart command to a text object breaks the object into individual letters. Applying it a second time converts the letters to Merge Shapes.

Going Up a Level

If you wish to convert a Merge Shape to a Drawing Object, select the entire object and choose Modify > Combine Objects > Union.