Break Apart Text

Break Apart Text

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Break Flash Text Object into Individual Letters



Once a text object is added to the stage, you can easily highlight the word with the Text tool and edit its content. The word is treated as one complete text object.

Using the Break Apart command, the text object becomes several individual text objects that can still be edited. If you choose Break Apart a second time, the text object becomes a Merge Shape. For more information on Merge Shapes, see topic, Merge Shape.


Step One

Select the Text tool (t key). In the Properties panel (Cmd/F3 (PC-Ctrl/F3)), choose Static Text.

Step Two

Add a word to the workspace by clicking on the stage and typing a word.

Step Three

With the text object selected, choose Modify > Break Apart (Cmd/b (PC-Ctrl/b). The single text object is now multiple text objects, one for each letter. Each letter is a separate text object.

Step Four

Choose Modify > Break apart a second time and the text objects become Merge Shapes.

Gradient Text

When choosing colors for text, the gradient swatches are not available. However, if you Break Apart text twice it becomes a Merge Shape and the gradients can be used.