Collapse and Expand Panels

Collapse and Expand Panels

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Collapse or Expand Panels in the Flash Workspace



Panels within Flash can be modified to match your work style. Panels are displayed as a full panel, header only or an icon.

In this example we will view the Align panel using the different options.


Step One

Open a new document and choose Animator from the workspace pull-down menu.

Step Two

Return to the pull-down menu and select, Reset 'Animator'.

Step Three

The Align panel displays to the left side of the stage. It is combined with the Transform and Info palettes.

Step Four

Click and drag the Align panel tab to remove it from the other palettes.

Step Five

Click the medium gray header area once to hide the palette contents and leave the header.

Step Six

Click the medium gray header area again and the palette re-appears.

Step Seven

Click the upper header bar once and it is converted to an icon.

Step Eight

Click the icon and the Align panel displays.

Moving Tabs and Saving Workspaces

You can re-arrange your panels by dragging and dropping panel tabs into existing panels sets. Once you are happy with the layout, return to the workspace menu and choose New Workspace from the pull-down menu.