Color Swatches

Color Swatches

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Define a Flash Color Palette



Defining and using a limited color palette helps to brand your project and create a similar "look and feel" throughout the animation. The default Flash web palette contains 216 web safe colors plus 12 common colors and seven gradients.


Step One

To open the current Swatches panel, choose Window > Swatches.

Step Two

Click on one of the color boxes to select a color.

Step Three

To remove all the default colors, choose Clear Colors from the panel pull-down menu. All the colors are removed except black and white.

Step Four

Select a new color using the Color panel (Window > Color), then return to the Swatches panel and click the blank area below the current swatches to add your new color to the Swatches panel. Repeat these steps to add multiple colors to your palette.

Step Five

To remove a single swatch, Cmd click (PC-Ctrl click) the swatch you wish to remove.

Step Six

To restore your palette to the default colors, choose Load Default Colors from the Swatches panel pull-down menu.

Starting in Photoshop

Developing your palette in Photoshop may save you time. The Photoshop Color Picker displays the RGB and Hex values for each color. Once you determine the Hex values in Photoshop, simply input the values in the Flash Color panel and save the Swatches.