Content Organization

Content Organization

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Organize Your Flash Content



Often times a Flash project contains audio, external swf files, flv files, psd files, ai files, and other image files. Starting with an organized plan will save you hours of time hunting for lost files and fixing broken links.


Step One

Create a folder that will contain all your project files. In this example it is called myProject.

Step Two

Inside the myProject folder add three more folders named audio, assets and swf.

Step Three

Open a new Flash document and save the fla file in the myProject folder.

Step Four

As you build your project, additional fla files and swf files will go in the swf folder.

Step Five

Image and animation files are placed in the assets folder.

Step Six

Audio files reside in the audio folder.

Easy Backups

Since all your files are in one folder it is simple to perform a quick backup.

Incremental Saving

It is a good idea to use the Save As feature and save multiple versions of your work. For instance, you may have a version you created on June 1st in the morning and a second in the afternoon. They could be named flashMovie0601A and flashMovie0601B. This way if something goes wrong, you can always step backwards one version.


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