Convert Object to Symbol

Convert Object to Symbol

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Convert Flash Object to a Movie, Graphic or Button Symbol



A common way to create symbols is to start with an object, then convert it to a symbol. You can also start with a new empty symbol, add content to it, and then drag it to the stage. For information on the second method see topic, Insert New Symbol.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the workspace with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

With the rectangle selected, press F8 (Modify > Convert to Symbol).

Step Three

In the dialog box, name your symbol and choose the symbol type (Movie clip, Button, or Graphic).

Step Four

The dialog box also lets you set the symbol's registration point. The registration point is used as a pivot point in ActionScript when rotating and scaling. It is also used set the object's location on the stage.

Step Five

Once you have created a symbol, double-click the symbol with the Selection tool (v key) to open the symbol timeline.

Symbols Conserve Resources

Look for ways to reuse symbols. It is much smarter to create several instances of the same symbol, then it is to build 20 variations of the same object.

Converting a Symbol to an Object

If you wish to convert your symbol back to an object, select the symbol and choose Modify > Break Apart (Cmd/b (PC - Ctrl/b).


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