Converting a Bitmapped Image to a Vector Image

Converting a Bitmapped Image to a Vector Image

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Convert Bitmapped Image in Flash



There are times when a bitmapped image works better if converted to vector artwork. With vector objects you can move points and handles to reshape the artwork or selectively change sections of the image to another color. You can also use this menu item to posterize and stylize your image.


Step One

In a new Flash document, import a bitmapped image (jpg, png or psd) to the stage by choosing File > Import > Import to the Stage. The image aligns to the upper left corner of the stage.

Step Two

With image selected, choose Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap.

Step Three

The dialog box appears. There are four option areas and a Preview button. Once you change an option, press Preview to see the effect.

Step Four

The first option is Color Threshold. Lower values simulate photo realism. Acceptable values range from zero to 500. Typical values are 10 to 50.

Step Five

Minimum Area sets the sample area size for the Color Threshold option. Acceptable values are 1 to 1,000. Lower values emulate a photo.

Step Six

There are several settings for Curve Fit. Pixel creates an image closest to the original photograph and Very Smooth is a more stylized.

Step Seven

For Corner Threshold, you can choose between Many Corners, Normal or Few Corners.

Step Eight

Once you have previewed your settings, press OK and the bitmapped image is converted to a series of Merge Shapes.

Putting it all Together

Since your converted image is a series of Merge Shapes, you may wish to select the entire object and convert it to a Movie Symbol or choose Modify > Combine Objects > Union. The Union command converts your object into a single Drawing Object.


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