Converting an Animation to a Symbol

Converting an Animation to a Symbol

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Copy the Keyframes from Animation and Convert Them to a Symbol



Sometimes it's convenient to convert several layers and keyframes into a single Movie Symbol.

Because Movie Symbols are timeline independent, you can now place your Movie Symbol on a single frame of the main timeline to display the entire animation.


Step One

In a new Flash document, use the Oval tool (o key) to add a shape to the stage.

Step Two

Select your oval and convert it to a Movie Symbol by pressing F8.

Step Three

Right click the single keyframe of the oval object layer and choose Create Motion Tween.

Step Four

Move the timeline indicator to the final frame of the tween, then move the object to create a second keyframe.

Step Five

Press Cmd/Return (PC - Ctrl/Enter) to preview your movie.

Step Six

Select the content and both keyframes by clicking the layer name. For multiple layers you can Shift select each layer or marquee drag to select all content.

Step Seven

Choose Edit > Timeline > Cut Frames.

Step Eight

Choose Insert > New Symbol (Cmd/F8 (PC - Ctrl/F8)). Select Movie Clip for Type.

Step Nine

Click the first frame of the layer and choose Edit > Timeline > Paste Frames.

Step Ten

Return to the main timeline by clicking the Scene 1 icon.

Step Eleven

Remove all frames except the keyframe at frame one by Cmd-dragging (PC - Ctrl-dragging) the end point back to frame one.

Step Twelve

Select the keyframe at frame one and drag your new symbol from the Library to the stage.

Step Thirteen

Publish your movie by pressing Cmd/Return (PC - Ctrl/Enter). The main timeline has only one frame, yet the movie symbol plays from start to finish.

Moving Animations Between Documents

This is a clever way to package an animation and use in in another project.

For information on moving symbols between projects, see topics, Sharing Objects Between Two Open Docs and Open External Library. career skills