Create Project

Create Project

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Create a New Flash Project



Projects are useful when working with several .fla files or working with a group of designers. All of your fla and swf files are stored in a single root folder on your hard drive. By placing all your files in the same folder, it is easy to organize and open specific files.


Step One

Save your current .fla file in a folder on your hard drive. Choose Window > Other Panels > Project.

Step Two

From the pull-down menu at the top of the panel, choose New project.

Step Three

Click the folder icon to select the root folder that you created in step one. The project name becomes the folder name by default.

Step Four

Set the ActionScript version and click the Create Project button.

Step Five

The fla files in your project can be quickly opened by double-clicking the file name in the Project panel.

Deleting a Project

To delete a project, open the the desired project. Choose Delete Project. . . from the pull-down menu (upper right corner of Project panel).


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