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Create Text

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Add Text to Flash Stage



A text object can be one of three types, Static Text, Dynamic Text and Input Text. Static Text is generally used for text that never changes on the page.

Dynamic Text changes its content based on ActionScript commands and Input Text allows the user to input text that will be used to perform some task. In this example we will add Static Text to the stage.


Step One

Select the Text tool (t key). In the Properties panel (Cmd/F3 (PC-Ctrl/F3)), choose Static Text.

Step Two

The Properties panel is used to select the text Font, Size, and Color.

Step Three

You can also change the Bold, Italics and Alignment settings.

Step Four

There are options for Letter Spacing. By placing the curser between two letters you can adjust the individual letter spacing. Selecting a block of text allows you to set the spacing for the entire block.

Step Five

The Anti-alias setting makes your text more legible.

Step Six

Click the Selectable icon to allow the end user to select and copy/paste your text.

Step Seven

Add a word to the workspace by clicking on the stage and typing.

Static Text Fonts

If you are creating a Flash document using several different computers, you may run into font issues. All machines must have all the fonts you are using. If not, you will see a warning whenever you open your .fla file on a new machine. Once you create the swf file, the fonts for static text are automatically included with the swf file.

One work around for the multiple machine font issue is to Break Apart (Modify > Break Apart) your text twice so it becomes a Merge Shape. As a Merge Shape it no longer relies on the system font.