Creating a Surface Reflection

Creating a Surface Reflection

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Create an Object Surface Reflection in Flash



Surface reflections occur when an object is placed above a reflective material. The material can be any color or an image.

In this example we will create a white reflective surface. The stage background should be set to white.


Step One

Open a new document and add two additional layers to the timeline. Name the upper layer Content and the lower layer Reflect. Name the middle layer Mask.

Step Two

Select the first frame of the Content layer and add a Drawing Object to the stage.

Step Three

Select the object and choose Edit > Copy (Cmd/c (PC - Ctrl/c)).

Step Four

Click the first keyframe of the Reflect layer and choose Edit > Paste in Center (Cmd/v (PC - Ctrl/v).

Step Five

Select your object on the Reflect layer and choose Modify > Transform > Flip Vertical.

Step Six

With the reflection selected, press F8 to convert it to a Movie Symbol and move it below the original image.

Step Seven

With the reflection selected, open the Properties panel, Color Effect section.

Step Eight

Change the Style to Alpha and set the Alpha slider to 50%.

Step Nine

Select the first keyframe of the Mask layer.

Step Ten

Using the Rectangle tool (r key), add box that covers the reflection.

Step Eleven

Assign the rectangle a white linear gradient that goes from 0% alpha to 100% alpha. Use the Gradient Transform tool (f key) to position the gradient.

What About a Black Stage?

This example was designed for a white stage. For a black stage, change the rectangle to a black gradient and increase your alpha setting for the reflection object.

How Do I Change the Gradient?

For information about gradients, see topic, Building a Gradient.

Reflections with Transparent Areas

To simulate a reflection with transparent areas, use a bitmapped image that supports transparency. Recommended file formats include png and psd.

Examples of these type of objects include masked images of people, objects, plants, etc.