Move Objects Between Layers

Move Objects Between Layers

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Cut, Copy and Paste Objects Between Layers in Flash



Objects can be Cut, Copied and Pasted in Flash. It is often desirable to paste an object in the exact location where the original was removed.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the workspace with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

With the rectangle selected, choose Edit > Cut (Cmd/x (PC-Ctrl/x) to remove the original.

Step Three

Add a new layer by clicking the Add New Layer icon.

Step Four

With the first frame of the new layer selected, choose Edit > Paste In Place (Cmd/Shift/v (PC-Ctrl/Shift/v). The rectangle is pasted in the same stage location as where it was cut.

Pasting in the Middle of the Stage

If you choose Edit > Paste (instead of Paste in Place), the object is pasted in the center of the stage.

Copy / Pasting Between Documents

Copy / Paste In Place between two documents with the same stage size and your objects land in the same location in the second document.