Distributing to Layers

Distributing to Layers

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Distribute Multiple Objects from a Single Layer to Several Individual Flash Layers



By Distributing to Layers you can quickly take several objects from a single layer and create multiple layers with one object per layer. One application might be several letters that you wish to animate independently.


Step One

Click frame one in a new Flash document.

Step Two

Using the Text tool (t key), add a Static text object to the stage.

Step Three

Select the text and choose Modify > Break Apart (Cmd/b (PC - Ctrl/b).

Step Four

With all the letters still selected, choose Modify > Timeline > Distribute to Layers. Each new layer contains one letter.

What's Next?

Once the letters are on individual layers, you can convert each of them to a Movie Symbol by pressing F8 and apply a Motion Tween (right-click object and select Create Motion Tween).


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