Drawing Object

Drawing Object

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Create a Drawing Object in Flash



You can create two basic objects types in Flash, Drawing Objects and Merge Shapes. Drawing Objects are very similar to the objects you create in Illustrator. To specify Drawing Objects you need to set the Object Drawing icon whenever you create a new vector shape. For more information on Merge Shapes see topic, Merge Shape.


Step One

Click the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Click the Object Drawing icon (j key). It has two states, medium-gray and off-white. It should be in the medium-gray state. The off-white state creates a Merge Shape.

Step Three

Add a rectangular object to the workspace. The new object is a Drawing Object.

Object Drawing Icon

The Object Drawing icon appears whenever you select the Pen tool, Rectangle tool, Oval tool, PolyStar tool, Line tool, Pencil tool and Brush tool. As you move from tool to tool, it retains the setting from the last time you used it.

Converting Drawing Objects to Merge Shapes

To convert a Drawing Object to a Merge Shape, choose Modify > Break Apart (Cmd/b (PC-Ctrl/b)).

Converting Merge Shapes to Drawing Objects

To convert a Merge Shape to a Drawing Object, select the object, then choose Modify > Combine Objects > Union.