Drawing with the Pen Tool

Drawing with the Pen Tool

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Use the Flash Pen Tool



The Pen tool has become standard equipment with several software packages. It is included in Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. If you take the time to master the Pen tool, your skills transfer between the packages.

Whenever you create an object with the Pen tool, you are drawing a stroke with no fill. Once the shape is complete, it is possible to return to the object with the Paint Bucket tool and fill the interior.

For best results, create your Pen tool shapes with a minimum of points. As you pull the handles, leave room between points so adjoining handles don't overlap. Overlapping handles can cause creases in your artwork.

In this example we will draw a letter D with the Pen tool.


Step One

Select the Pen tool (p key) and set a Stoke color and Stroke width in the Properties panel (Window > Properties).

Step Two

Click the first point to start a line.

Step Three

For a rounded shape, click a point and drag the handle.

Step Four

To add a sharp corner, click without dragging.

Step Five

To close the shape, hover the cursor over the first point. Once the small circle appears, click the first point to close the object.

Merge Shapes and Drawing Objects

The Pen tool creates either Merge Shapes or Drawing Objects. To select the object type, click the Object Drawing icon in the lower section of the Tools panel.

For more information on object types, see topics, Merge Shape and Drawing Object.

Instant Transform Tool

To access the Transform tool while drawing, press and hold the Cmd key (PC - Ctrl key) while drawing your shape.

Constrain Direction

Press and hold the Shift key to constrain the line direction to horizontal, vertical or a 45 degree angle.

How Do I Escape from the Pen Tool?

To escape from the Pen tool at any time, press the Esc key.


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