Edit Symbol

Edit Symbol

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Edit Symbols in Flash



Once you create a symbol, it is common to edit its contents. For information on creating a symbol, see topics, Button Symbol Basics, Graphic Symbol Basics, and Movie Symbol Basics.

In this topic we will edit a symbol using three different methods.


Step One

Open a document with a symbol on the stage.

Step Two

Using the Selection tool (v key), double-click the symbol. You can now edit the symbol. Click the Scene 1 icon to return to the main stage.

Step Three

A second way to edit a symbol is to select the symbol and choose Edit > Edit in Place (Edit Symbols or Edit Selected).

Step Four

Returning to the main stage, open the Library (Window > Library (Cmd/L (PC-Ctrl/L )).

Step Five

Double click the symbol icon in the Library to edit the symbol using method three.

Nested Symbols

When symbols are placed within other symbols it is called nesting. You can have a movie that is nested in a button or movies within movies. Watch the Scene icon in the upper left corner of the stage to determine where you are in the nesting order.


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