Exporting an Image

Exporting an Image

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Export Still Images from Flash



Once you create your Flash content, you can easily export snap-shots of individual frames.


Step One

Add a text object to the workspace with the Text tool (t key).

Step Two

Choose File > Export > Export Image.

Step Three

The Format pull-down menu (PC - Save as Type menu) offers several choices. The image you save is based on where you are on the timeline. In other words if the timeline is set to frame one, the image will be of frame one.

Step Four

To save an image with vector information you would choose Adobe Illustrator.

Step Five

Bitmapped images are generally saved as JPG, GIF or PNG.

Saving Text Objects

In this example the text would remain as a text object and be editable in Illustrator if saved in the Adobe Illustrator format.