Flip Object Vertical or Horizontal

Flip Object Vertical or Horizontal

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Flip Object on Vertical or Horizontal Axis in Flash



Flipping objects allows you to create mirrored objects in your scene. It is helpful in building symmetric objects or creating a reflection.

You can mirror in either a Vertical or Horizontal direction. This process can be used with text, vector or bitmapped objects.


Step One

In a new Flash document, use the Text tool to add a letter F to to the stage.

Step Two

Using the Selection tool (v key), click the letter and choose Edit > Duplicate (Cmd/d (PC - Cmd/d).

Step Three

Select the duplicate and choose Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal.

Step Four

Select both the letters and duplicate them by choosing Edit > Duplicate (Cmd/d (PC - Cmd/d).

Step Five

Choose Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal to create a reflection.

Realistic Reflections

Reflections are often stronger in the area closer to the source image. Consider adding a gradient with varied alpha settings to simulate your reflections.

To see an example of this concept, see topic, Creating a Surface Reflection.

Another Way to Flip an Object

A second way to mirror an object in the vertical or horizontal direction is to select the object and open the Transform panel. Set the Height or Width Scale to -100% and the object flips in the specified direction.


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