Gradient Overflow Settings

Gradient Overflow Settings

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Control the Gradient Beyond the Gradient Boundary in Flash



Whenever you assign a gradient to an object, you can specify the gradient placement. Placement is set using the Transform Gradient tool. The pattern outside the placement area can be set to Extend, Reflect or Repeat.


Step One

Add a rectangle to the stage with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Select the rectangle, then set the fill color to a linear gradient with the Fill color palette in the Tools panel

Step Three

With the rectangle still selected click the Gradient Transform tool (f key).

Step Four

Move the transform icon with the arrow to shrink the gradient placement area.

Step Five

Open the Color panel (Window > Color). The default gradient setting is Extend. At the point where the gradient ends, the gradient color is extended on the object.

Step Six

Set the pull down menu to Reflect. This causes the pattern to mirror multiple times across the rectangle.

Step Seven

When you choose Repeat, the pattern repeats across the object.

Scaling a Gradient Object

You can use the Properties panel, Free Transform tool or Transform panel to scale your gradient object. As you scale the object, the gradient also scales.