Gradient Text

Gradient Text

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Create Text with a Gradient Fill in Flash



The color palette for text objects doesn't include gradients. To assign a gradient to a block of static text, the text object must first be converted to a Merge Shape.


Step One

Use the Text tool (t key) to add a Static text object to the stage.

Step Two

With the text selected, choose Modify > Break Apart twice (Cmd/b (PC - Ctrl/b). It is now a Merge Shape.

Step Three

With the text object still selected, open the Properties panel (Window > Properties) and change the fill to a gradient.

Gradient Fade Across Multiple Letters

To assign the same gradient pattern across the entire text object, see topic, Applying Gradient to Multiple Objects.

Gradient Options

Once you have set the fill to gradient, you can easily change the gradient color and placement. For more information, see topics, Applying a Gradient, Building a Gradient, Gradient Overflow Settings and Types of Gradients. career skills