Importing a Color Palette from Photoshop

Importing a Color Palette from Photoshop

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to ImportĀ a Photoshop Color Palette into Flash



A uniform color palette throughout your project is essential in creating a professional interface or animation. One method of creating a limited palette is to start in Photoshop, save your palette, then import the palette into Flash.


Step One

Open a new blank RGB document with a transparent background in Photoshop.

Step Two

Add a series of rectangles using the Rectangle tool set to Shape Layers.

Step Three

Double-click each layer icon, one at a time, to set your color palette.

Step Four

Choose File > Save for Web and Devices and select GIF for the image type.

Step Five

From the pull-down menu next to the Color Table, choose Save Color Table.

Step Six

Name your table, FlashProjColors.act and save it in your Flash project folder. Press Cancel and close your Photoshop document.

Step Seven

Open your Flash document and open the Swatches panel (Window > Swatches).

Step Eight

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the Swatches panel and choose Replace Colors from the pull-down menu.

Step Nine

Navigate to your .act file and click Open. The swatches are updated with your custom palette.

Image Based Color Palette

Another option is to start with an image. Open the Save for Web & Devices panel (Step Four). Choose GIF, No Dither and drop the Color setting to 4, 8 or 16. Save your color table as described in Step Five so you can open it in Flash.


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