Importing a flv File (Linked)

Importing a flv File (Linked)

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Import a Linked flv FileĀ into Flash



Once you have converted your movie to a flv or f4v file, the next step is to import it into Flash.

The flv format works with most Flash Players and the f4v format is compatible with Flash Player 9 or above.

For more information about converting your file, see topic, Converting a Movie to a flv File.

External linked files work well because they keep your swf file size low and allow the movie to be streamed to the end user.

Once you connect your linked movie, it is important to maintain the file path between the swf file, Video folder and flv or f4v file. This is true during both authoring and uploading to the server.


Step One

Open a new Flash document and save your fla file in a Project folder. Name your file Main.fla.

Step Two

Add a folder inside your Project folder called Video and place your flv or f4v file in the Video folder.

Step Three

Returning to the fla file, click the first keyframe of your default layer.

Step Four

Choose File > Import > Import Video.

Step Five

Click the Browse button to connect to your flv or f4v file.

Step Six

Click the Load External Video with Playback Component radio button, then press Continue.

Step Seven

Choose a skin from the pull-down menu.

Step Eight

Click the color swatch, then select a new color for your skin. You can also set the skin alpha value.

Step Nine

Click Continue to see the summary page. Once you are satisfied, click Finish.

Step Ten

The movie is added to a single frame on the timeline and the FLVPlayback appears in the Library.

Step Eleven

Publish your movie by pressing Cmd/Return (PC - Ctrl/Enter).

Skinless Movies

To create a movie without controls, choose None in the Skin Selection pull-down menu.

Several Skin Choices

There are several choices in the Skin menu. Skin names that begin with the words SkinOver cover the bottom section of the video. Names that start with SkinUnder are positioned below the video.


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