Importing to Library

Importing to Library

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Import Audio, Vector and Bitmapped Artwork to Flash Library



Importing external audio and bitmapped artwork opens a world of possibilities in Flash. Once the external file is imported, you can open the file in its native program and modify the file. To update the link in Flash, double-click the file in the Flash library and click Update. In Step One you could also choose Import to Stage and the file would be added to both the stage and library. For more information, see topics Updating Images and Importing to Stage.


Step One

Choose File > Import > Import to Library.

Step Two

Navigate to your external file and click the Import to Library button (PC - Open button).

Step Three

The image file is added to the project library along with a Graphic Symbol.

Step Four

Rename the Graphic Symbol. The Graphic Symbol contains the bitmapped image file that you just imported.

Step Five

Select a layer and keyframe in the Layer panel and drag your new file to the stage.

Flash Imports. . .


.aif (Mac), .mp3


.bmp(PC), .gif, .jpg, .png, .psd, .tif



Importing Sequences

If you select a file that is part of a sequence (i.e., image01, image02, image03, etc), you are given the option to import one image or bring in the entire sequence.


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