Incremental Saving

Incremental Saving

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Save Multiple Versions to Prevent Data Loss in Flash



Spending hours or days on a project just to have it self destruct is no fun. Developing a workflow where you keep track of all the pieces and back up often is very smart.


Step One

Open a new Flash document and save it in your project folder. Name the project with a date in the file name such as myMovie0625A (the date is June 25th).

Step Two

After you have worked on the file for some time, choose File > Save. This saves the original file with the progress to this point.

Step Three

Before you make any changes to the file, choose File > Save As and save another version of the file named myMovie0625B. If you close the project at this point you would open 0625B when you return.

Step Four

If everything is going smooth you can always destroy the very early versions. Keep at least five of the previous saves.