Insert New Symbol

Insert New Symbol

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Insert a New Symbol in Flash



When you insert a new symbol, you start with an empty symbol and then add content a piece at a time. This method differs from starting with an object and converting it to a symbol. For more information on converting an object, see topic, Convert Object to Symbol.


Step One

In a Flash document, choose Insert > New Symbol (Cmd/F8 (PC-Ctrl/F8)).

Step Two

In the dialog box, name your symbol and choose the symbol type (Movie clip, Button, or Graphic).

Step Three

You are now inside the new symbol. Add your content, then press the Scene icon in the upper left corner of the stage to return to the main timeline.

Step Four

Select a layer and a keyframe to place your new symbol.

Step Five

Open the Library (Window > Library)( Cmd/L (PC-Ctrl/L) and drag your new symbol to the stage.

Where are the Objects and Stage Boundaries?

Using this method can be a bit confusing because you can't see the other objects on the stage or the stage size. Once you add some content to your symbol, you can always return to the main timeline, add the symbol and reopen the symbol by double-clicking it. Now you can see the stage and all the other objects.