Merge Shape

Merge Shape

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Create a Merge Shape in Flash



You can create two basic objects types in Flash, Drawing Objects and Merge Shapes. Merge Shapes are unique in that you can select the line, fill or both.

Using the Selection tool click on a Merge Shape line to select just that line. Double-click the line to select all object lines. Click once on the fill to select the fill. Double-click the fill to select the fill and all the lines.

Merge Shapes work very well with Shape Tweens and as Masks. To create a Merge Shape, you need to set the Object Drawing icon to Merge Shape. For more information on Drawing Objects see topic, Drawing Object.


Step One

Click the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Click the Object Drawing icon (j key). It has two states, medium-gray and off-white. It should be in the off-white state. The medium-gray state creates a Drawing Object.

Step Three

Add a rectangular object with a stroke and a fill to the workspace. The new object is a Merge Shape. Try selecting the object lines and fill as described above.

Object Drawing Icon

The Object Drawing icon appears whenever you select the Pen tool, Rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, PolyStar tool, Line tool, Pencil tool and Brush tool. As you move from tool to tool, it retains the setting from the last time you set it.


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