Modifying Bezier Shapes

Modifying Bezier Shapes

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Re-Shape Vector Shapes in Flash



Once you have created a bezier object, you may want to want to reshape it. There are several tools that make shape editing possible. They include the Subselection (a key), Add Anchor Point (=), Delete Anchor Point (-) and Convert Anchor Point (c key) tools.

It helps to know the shortcuts for each of the tools so you can quickly toggle between the tools.

Bezier objects are created with several Flash tools. You can edit rectangles, ovals, polystars, brush tool shapes, pen drawn objects and pencil lines.


Step One

Open a Flash document with a bezier shape. For this example you could use the shape created in the topic, Drawing with the Pen Tool.

Step Two

Choose the Subselection tool (a key) and click a point on the object. Drag the point to a new location.

Step Three

Click drag one of the handles to reshape the curve.

Step Four

Select the Add Anchor Point tool (= key) and click the line to add a point.

Step Five

Select the Delete Anchor Point tool (- key) and click the line to remove a point.

Step Six

Click the Convert Anchor Point tool (c key), click and drag a sharp corner to round the corner. It is also used to convert

Extending a Line

You can always extend a line selecting the Pen tool. Place the tool over a point on the existing line. An x with a slash appears. Click the point, then move the mouse and click again to create your line.


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