Motion Path Modify

Motion Path Modify

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Reshape Motion Path of Animated Flash Object



Motion paths are automatically created whenever you add a Motion Tween. They can be edited with the Selection and Subselection tools. Motion paths can also be copied and used in other Motion Tweens.


Step One

Open a new document and add an object to the stage with the Oval tool (o key).

Step Two

Click the oval and press F8 to convert it to a Movie Symbol.

Step Three

Right-click the first frame of the default layer and choose Create Motion Tween.

Step Four

Click the last frame of the tween, then click drag the oval to a new location on the stage. A new keyframe is added.

Step Five

The motion path appears. Each tick mark on the path indicates one frame.

Step Six

Move the curser over the start of the line, then click-drag to move the starting point.

Step Seven

Click the Selection tool (v key) and place the tool over the motion path. A small arc appears.

Step Eight

Click-drag to reshape the curve.

Step Nine

On a new layer, use the Pen tool (p key), draw a new motion path for your object.

Step Ten

Select the new path with the Selection tool (v key) and choose Edit > Cut (Cmd/x (PC - Ctrl/x)).

Step Eleven

Click the tween of your initial layer and choose Edit > Paste (Cmd/v (PC - Ctrl/v)). The old path is replaced by your new one.

Step Twelve

Motion path tick marks are slightly larger for keyframes.

Step Thirteen

Use the Convert Anchor Point tool , to reshape a sharp corner.

Copy Pasting Paths

To copy/paste a path as outlined in Steps Nine and Ten, you must use an open path.

Transforming Paths

Once you select your motion path, choose the Free Transform tool (q key) to Scale, Skew or Rotate the path.

Reshape Path with Bezier Handles

By selecting the path with the Subselection tool (a key) the path's bezier handles appear. Click-drag the handles to reshape the curve. career skills