Motion Presets

Motion Presets

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to add Pre-Defined Motion Presets to a Flash Motion Tween



Flash ships with several motion presets you can quickly add to your symbols and static text objects.


Step One

Open a new document and add a rectangle to the stage with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Select the rectangle and press F8 to convert it to a Movie Symbol.

Step Three

Move your object to the right edge of the stage and click frame one of the default layer. Open the Motion Presets panel (Window > Motion Presets).

Step Four

Open the Default Presets folder. Click the presets to see a preview.

Step Five

To apply a preset to your object, click the Apply button.

Step Six

By marquee selecting the object and motion path, you can repostion the object on the stage.

Step Seven

Publish your movie by choosing Control > Test Movie (Cmd/Return (PC-Ctrl/Enter).

Saving Custom Presets

In addition to the Default Presets folder, there is a second one called Custom Presets.

To add create and save a custom preset, add a Motion Tween to an object. Select the tween, then click the Custom Presets folder in the Motion Presets panel. From the panel's pull-down menu choose Save.