Moving in 3D

Moving in 3D

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Move  a Flash Movie Symbol in 3D Space



3D movement was added to Flash CS4. You can move an object left, right, up, down, forward or backward into the scene. To take advantage of 3D functionality, you object must first be converted to a Movie Symbol.

In addition to moving an object, you can also rotate Movie Symbols in 3D. For more information, see topic, Rotating in 3D.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the stage with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Select the rectangle and convert it to a Movie Symbol by pressing F8.

Step Three

With the rectangle selected, open the Properties panel, 3D Position and View section.

Step Four

The X and Y settings move your object left and right and up or down.

Step Five

The Z setting moves the object forward and backward in the scene.

Step Six

The next option changes the Camera Perspective Angle.

Step Seven

The final option sets the Vanishing Point.

Perspective Angle and Actual Lenses

A smaller value in the Camera Perspective Angle option gives you the illusion of a telephoto lens. For a wide angle lens you would use a larger value.

Tweening Your 3D Motion

Use a Motion Tween to tween your 3D motion. Classic Tweens are not an option.

3D Translation Tool

You can also use the 3D Translation tool (g key) to move your object interactively.


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