Moving Objects Forward and Backward

Moving Objects Forward and Backward

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Change Object Stacking Order in Flash



Objects are added to the stage in a stacking order. In other words if you add a Drawing Object, it would start at the bottom level. Then if you place a Movie Symbol on the stage it would be on top of the Drawing Object. The stacking order is based on the drag and drop order. In this example we add both objects to the same layer.

One exception is Merge Shapes. Merge Shapes are always placed on the bottom-most level. It is important to remember that the objects level is different than the layers found on the timeline.

Often times you need to re-organize the stacking order so one object appears to be on top of another object. If your objects are on separate layers, you can always move a layer up or down the list. In the steps below we are using one layer.


Step One

Add a Drawing Object rectangle to the stage with the Rectangle tool (r key) set to Drawing Object.

Step Two

Deselect the rectangle and select the Oval tool (o key). It should be set to Drawing Object.

Step Three

Change the fill color in the Tools panel.

Step Four

Draw an oval object that overlaps the rectangle. The overlap area should block the rectangle.

Step Five

Using the Selection tool (v key), select the oval object.

Step Six

Choose Modify > Arrange > Send to Back. The oval shape is moved behind the rectangle.

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