Onion Skinning

Onion Skinning

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Use Onion Skinning to View Object Location Over Multiple Frames in Flash



Onion Skinning is helpful to view multiple animation frames in a still image. It can be activated for Armature layers, Motion Tweens, Shape Tweens, Classic Tweens and frame-by-frame animation.

In this example we demonstrate turning on Onion Skinning for an object with a Motion Tween.


Step One

Open a new document and add an oval object to the stage with the Oval tool (o key).

Step Two

Select the oval object and click F8 to convert it to a Movie Symbol.

Step Three

Right-click the first frame of the default layer and choose Create Motion Tween from the pull-down menu.

Step Four

Click the last frame of the tween and move your oval shape to a new location on the stage.

Step Five

Move the timeline the midpoint of the tween.

Step Six

Activate Onion Skinning by clicking the Onion Skin icon below the timeline.

Step Seven

Move the brackets surrounding the frame numbers to adjust your Onion Skin range.

Step Eight

To set your range to two or five frames on either side of the timeline marker, choose Onion 2 or Onion 5 from the Modify Onion Markers menu.

Step Nine

Onion Skinning can be set to outlines with the Onion Skin Outlines icon.

Step Ten

Click the Onion Skin or Onion Skin Outlines icon a second time to disable Onion Skinning.

Onion Skinning the Entire Range

To see the motion over the entire range, either adjust the brackets or choose Onion All from the Modify Onion Markers menu.