Organizing the Library

Organizing the Library

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Organize Your Flash Project Library Assets



As your projects become more complex, organization is essential. A couple of tricks should help you decrease the clutter and make your document more efficient.

Stick to consistant naming of your Libary assets. We recommend using BigCamelCase for all Library assets. If you export a Movie Symbol for ActionScript, It already has a BigCamelCase class name.

It is a good idea is to use folders. Store similar assets in each folder.


Step One

In a new Flash document, open the Library panel (Window > Library (Cmd/L (PC - Ctrl/L)).

Step Two

Choose File > Import to Library and navigate to several image files. Images should be jpg or png files.

Step Three

With the new images in the Libary, click the New Folder icon twice

Step Four

Name one folder Images and the second one Symbols.

Step Five

Drag the images to the Images folder to place them inside the folder.Repeat the process for the Graphic Symbols.

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