Painting with a Gradient

Painting with a Gradient

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Use the Flash Brush Tool to Paint a Gradient Fill



The Brush tool paints with the current fill color. By selecting a gradient fill, you can paint with a gradient brush.


Step One

Open a new document and select the Brush tool (b key).

Step Two

Choose a gradient fill from the Tool panel fill palette.

Step Three

Set your brush size and shape.

Step Four

Paint your shape on the stage.

Step Five

For shapes that share the same gradient pattern, activate the Lock Fill option and set the object type to Merge Shape.

Step Six

To modify the gradient placement, click an object and select the Gradient Transform tool.

Step Seven

Adjust the gradient using the control icons. All of the shapes are updated.

Customizing the Gradient

Select the gradient and open the Color panel (Window > Color). Click the gradient color boxes and pick a new color. For more information on gradients, see topic, Building a Gradient.