Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Paint with the Selected Flash Fill Color



The Flash Brush tool paints with the current fill color. There are several brush options that create a variety of brush strokes. The Brush tool can draw either a Merge Shape or a Drawing Object. For more information on shapes and objects, see topics, Merge Shape and Drawing Object.


Step One

Select the Brush tool (b key) and set the Fill color.

Step Two

Set the Brush Mode to Paint Normal and select a Brush Size.

Step Three

Choose a Brush Shape.

Step Four

Paint a series of lines in the workspace.

Step Five

The width of your paint stroke is dependent on the current magnification (zoom) setting. The higher the magnification, the smaller the width.

Painting Objects

Select Paint Selection from the Brush Mode menu. Then select an object and the paint is applied only to the object. This feature works with Merge Shapes and Drawing Objects.

Modifying Painted Shapes

Painted shapes can be re-shaped using the Subselection tool (a key).

Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Hold the Shift key while using the Brush tool to draw horizontal and vertical lines.