Remove a Keyframe

Remove a Keyframe

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Remove Keyframe from Flash Timeline



There are times when you wish to remove a keyframe. It may be a blank keyframe or one with content.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the workspace with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

The layer with the rectangle has one keyframe by default at frame one. Click frame 10 and press F6 (Insert > Timeline > Keyframe). A new keyframe is added that contains the same content as frame one.

Step Three

To remove the keyframe at frame 10, select the keyframe, then choose Modify > Timeline > Clear Keyframe.

Step Four

A second way to remove a keyframe is to select the keyframe and press Shift/F6.

Step Five

A third way to remove the keyframe is to right click the keyframe and choose Clear Keyframe from the pull-down menu.

Removing Frames and Keyframes

Frames appear as rectangles and keyframes display as circles.

To remove a frame or keyframe, first select the frame, then use the shortcuts below.

To remove a frame - Shift/F5

To remove a keyframe - Shift/F6 career skills