Replacing Text

Replacing Text

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Replace Flash Text with New Text



Replacing text in Flash is similar to replacing text in a word processing program. Let's say you have a block of static text where you misspelled a person's last name. Perhaps you wrote Smith when it was supposed to be Smythe.


Step One

Select the Text tool (t key)and add the following block of Static Text to the workspace.

Harold Smith of Smith Enterprises will attend.

Step Two

Choose Edit > Find and Replace (Cmd/f (PC-Ctrl/f)).

Step Three

Choose Search In: Current Document and For: Text.

Step Four

Type Smith in the upper Text box.

Step Five

Type Smythe in the lower Text box and click Replace All.

Replacing More Than Just Text

In addition to Text, you can use the same dialog box to replace Fonts, Colors, Symbols, Sounds, Video and Bitmapped images.